Understand and mitigate security threats others won't see coming.

We believe security compromises to your systems and personnel are inevitable. Allow our team of experienced security engineers to help you reduce the likelihood and impact of risks by thinking from first principles.

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We specialize in working with high risk clients.

If you protect valuable assets or data, or provide software to others that do, your adversaries will not play fair. We want to help you protect your team and users, and remove single points of failure in your stack.


Distrust offers a wide range of services which are tailored to your organization. Whether you need a complete security assessment, want to create or improve an open source security tool, or want to focus on assessing a specific aspect of your organization or system - we are here to help. Our experienced staff will collaborate closely with you to understand your unique needs and create a tailor made solution that works for you.

Security Assessment

We offer full stack security assessments, covering anything that is in scope for a sophisticated adversary, such as compromising a third party library, bribing a devops engineer, finding a oversight in your code, or otherwise. While we will point out specific flaws we find, we feel we offer the most value in helping you identify where you can make strategic improvements to your architecture to take entire classes of risk off the table.

Security Engineering

Our team is comprised of security engineers with past lives as full time system administrators and software engineers. We have extensive first hand experience in implementing custom security defenses for high risk organizations. We are happy to get as deep into the weeds planning new defense strategies as you like, from Linux kernel hardening, to supply chain signing, to code quality, library choices, and beyond.

Retained Security Support

We offer monthly retainer contracts to augment your existing security team with access to our combined experience as needed. You can drop questions to our team in a chat, or include us in security-relevant meetings. Almost anything an in-house security team might do to protect your organization is in scope for us as well, including qualifying candidates, conducting interviews, reviewing code, evaluating third party risks, or being a security voice in the room when you are planning new products.

Research & Development

Rather than write the same document or tool 10 times and bill each client for it, we focus our unused retainer hours on open sourcing every document and tool we legally can, so we can focus our time with clients on their unique situations. If we are doing public work you would like to see more of, or that -almost- meets your needs, we would love to hear that and figure out a path to see your needs met.

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